Gary Turner

Gary Turner

After a few small floor tiling jobs around the house I joined one of Michelle’s classes to learn how to mosaic.

We soon learnt the fundamentals of designing, nipping, glueing and grouting. I also found that mosaicing is a complete escape from day to day worries, and our class had a great time socially!

I went back for an advanced class about mosaicing portraits and did a recognisable likeness of my girlfriend. One Sunday I did a Paver Workshop, which also included barbecue lunch and Lemon Meringue pie! I went on from this to make quite a few large pavers, which along with house numbers are always a popular gift.

I was then honoured when Michelle asked me to assist on a large outdoor work, and I learnt about the commercial side of commissions, quoting, and working as a team. I found the mosaicing “scene” very social and relaxing, plus the enjoyment of creating something new to use or gift, while continueing an ancient craft.

Thanks Michelle for this very pleasant journey.